MIssion Local - Indian Grocery in the Mission

The Making of the Mission’s Indian Grocery Store

Ashvini Malshe of Mission Local has featured Indian Spices & Groceries and how it started. Surinder Sroa and Dhruba Kunwar (Indian Spices & Groceries manager) met each other and became friends 7 years ago. Kunwar felt the need for an Indian Grocery in the Mission and Sroa helped him in his first venture.

Surinder also shared how he started with his 2 Indian Restaurants, Lotus Cuisine of India and Cafe Lotus (managed by Jyoti Sroa) in Marin County.

Surinder and Dhruba - Indian Grocery Store

Sroa said making a successful store requires “dreaming and breathing about the store — what the customer wants, make that list, and make it happen.”

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Photo by Aleka Kroitzsh